The Bound for Business Blueprint

The Organizer for Growth-Focused Pickleball Business Owners.  If you're marketing your products, programs or services online, you need this blueprint.

Finally, there IS a solution available to efficiently manage and grow a successful online pickleball business


With the Bound for Business Blueprint, you'll be able to stop endlessly searching through hundreds of files, journals, binders, spreadsheets, sticky notes and pages looking for details as you manage your online business.

Once you have your blueprint in your hands, you'll find yourself reaching for it morning, noon and night over the next year or so.  It’s ready to capture all of your new ideas and research for your pickleball business. 

Benefits of the 180-page Bound for Business Blueprint include:

  • Documenting and organizing vital and/or important business information, assets, resources, accounts and passwords hints in one easily accessible place to save you loads of time and energy
  • Strategizing and implementing clear actions to move the dial on your bottom line 
  • Visualizing and mapping your custom marketing and selling process (your funnel) before building or delegating to maximize and leverage opportunities
  • Being able to more easily replicate and delegate working marketing and selling strategies in the future  
  • Advance planning of social media posts and live streaming content so you can upload and schedule once per month and let it run on auto-pilot to free up your resources
  • Populating grids to ensure (native) integrations for technology and brand management as you conduct your research and planning to avoid wasting money, applying temporary band-aid solutions and experiencing heaps of frustration
  • Developing, sketching, evaluating and planning new products, services and programs in a structured workspace so you can work at your own pace in figuring out the details until you're ready to build
  • Clarifying and keeping comprehensive details of your ideal client, brand promises, customer support, business development strategies and much more visible and accessible to ensure focus and consistent messaging as well as being able to quickly eliminate distractions 
  • Tracking start-up costs as well as monthly income and expense targets to keep profitability top of mind 
  • Planning projects with action steps and milestones so you can pick up from where you left off when faced with distractions from competing priorities
  • Organizing personal and professional development resources so you remember to prioritize self-care, self-development and connecting with people who inspire you 
  • Crafting custom business and mindset manifestos to keep you focused and on track throughout the year
  • Documenting one-page vision and strategic planning commitments to keep you engaged and focused on your what and why, especially helpful when times are tough
  • All of this in one place -- and portable!   

The Bound for Business Blueprint is NOT:

  • a day planner although it does have 2024-2025 Calendars included for strategic planning and goal-setting purposes
  • a journal although it does have ruled pages and grid pages 
  • a project management tool although it does have project management forms 
  • a how-to book or a fill-in-the-blanks PDF e-book; it is meant to be printed out due to its comprehensive nature
  • For training on how to complete the BFBB and online marketing, click here to learn about the BFBB Self-Paced Training Program

The Bound for Business Blueprint IS a tool that you'll want at your side while you:

  • write and edit your website, email and landing page copy (while reviewing your ideal client/customer avatar to stay on point)
  • access apps used to run your business
  • build or delegate your funnel components -- or update its complexity over time
  • research apps that will integrate in your funnel stack
  • conduct product and competitor research
  • continue to develop your capacity for business growth
  • develop, update or launch new products, services and programs
  • create branded materials (finally, your fonts, color schemes, file names, etc. in one place!)
  • expand upon your email and/or social media campaigns with tags/hashtags readily available per brand
  • determine which assets in your inventory will work well as lead magnets or special promotions
  • delegate product development and business development tasks to your admin or team
  • identify or brainstorm around a new product, service or program
  • plan steps to complete a new project or check off steps of an existing project
  • and much, much more
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The Bound for Business Blueprint is included in this program; in fact, the program is centered around the blueprint.

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